The region of drive and dynamism

We have branded our location at the heart of Germany as the Impulsregion - the region of drive and dynamism. And it's a title it fully deserves. High-tech industries and cutting-edge research are the heartbeat of the local economy and resonate far beyond the immediate region. This unquestionable success is made possible by the close integration of business and research as well as by the many cluster initiatives and knowledge-based networks. Turning tomorrow's visions into today's reality is our biggest strength. Great ideas are given a great opportunity to flourish. Marketable products incorporating the latest research findings are regularly developed here.

Unique networks

The region offers a unique mix of cluster initiatives and knowledge-based networks. Optical technology, medical solutions, plastics, and materials engineering enjoy international relevance and give rise to further sector-specific clusters.

The researchers and developers are supported by a strong network of specialist service providers, enterprises and suppliers, all of which rely on the region‘s state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Medical technology is one of the strongest and most research-intensive growth sectors in Thuringia. In and around Jena internationally oriented companies and institutions develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, for example in ophthalmology.

Bayer Weimar GmbH und Co. KG, Photo: Büker

First-class education

The Impulsregion is growing – both in terms of economic output and population. Quality of life here is exceptionally high. Cultural diversity, an attractive choice of leisure activities and a first-class education system right up to university level make our region ideally suited for young families.

Our schools enjoy an outstanding reputation. At the Thuringia International School (ThIS), for example, children from Germany and around the world learn together as they work towards the International Baccalaureate.

Business and research with a global reputation

Jena is a leading centre for technology and research and one of the youngest cities in Germany. It offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities for more than 25,000 students. Jena serves as a successful base for international high-tech companies such as Zeiss, Jenoptik, Schott, Intershop and Analytik Jena. These firms tap into the know-how and skills of a highly educated workforce. Close to thirty percent of all employees in Jena are graduates – the second-highest proportion in the whole of Germany. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena, founded in 1558, has been a centre of education and research for hundreds of years. Results-oriented networks drawing on business and research expertise give Jena-based companies a platform to develop, patent and globally market products in rapid innovation cycles. Photonics, medical technology, laboratory equipment as well as e-commerce are among the main focus areas. And there is also a lot of progress being made in the fields of medicine, microbiology, new materials and green technology. Around 4,500 scientists and academics do research at more than 30 institutions and centers in Jena, including the internationally acclaimed Beutenberg Campus.


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